About Urban Health & Fitness

At Urban Health & Fitness, we take healthy living very seriously,
thats why we created the Urban Healthy Living Blog, as a source of inspiration for budding fitness fans, and those looking out for their health & wellbeing.

Manny created Urban Health & Fitness after a decade of helping people in the NHS, military and working in private health clinics. His skills and knowledge as a Chartered Physiotherapist has improved and changed the lives of many people. It is this knowledge that he has brought into the gym to help you look and feel the best.


Most people today want to train at a place that’s more than just a gym.

If you want a gym where you get fit and strong in a fast and fun way – that’s us.

If you want a gym that also helps relieve pains and old injuries – that’s us.

If you want access to high quality therapy services- that’s us too.

We’ll help you reach your health and fitness goals no matter where you are now.

It doesn’t matter if you struggle with motivation. We have personal trainers who know the best ways to get you fit and keep you fit.

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