Suffer with back pain? The ABC workshop could just be the solution
by Mandy

I’m totally thrilled to be able to start my “Active Back Care” workshops at Urban Health & Fitness in Christchurch.

I’ve worked in the Health & Fitness Industry for over 30 years and am passionate about helping people to keep as active as possible, for as long as possible. The workshops will be an introduction to the principles of Active Back Care (ABC) - the aim is to teach people how to bend, sit, stand, lift, kneel etc. whilst maintaining a neutral spine.

My goal is to give the participants the tools to achieve and maintain good posture and a flexible, strong spine. Thereby helping them to move their bodies freely without fear of pain and injury and be able to do the things they love to do (or need to do for work). The focus will be on functional movements for everyday life.

ABC is relevant to people who don’t already do Pilates with me, but who suffer from chronic back pain and want to regain control of their movement. It is also appropriate for anyone who has an “active” hobby such as sailing, playing golf, football, tennis, or weight training/attending classes at the gym as well as those people with a physical job, eg carpenters, plumbers, builders, dog groomers etc - in fact - absolutely everyone! We will look closely at your posture and then maintaining a neutral spine and pelvis throughout your everyday movements.

I’m drawing on my knowledge gained from the work I did at The Anglo-European Chiropractic College in the rehab/gym when I first moved to Bournemouth (11 years ago) as well as my experience from teaching Pilates for 17 years.

Have a look at the attached article by renowned Chiropractor Craig Liebenson which briefly covers the “Hip Hinge” and “sit to stand” movements. My aim is to heighten your awareness of neutral spine and pelvis and also explore the areas which prevent us from achieving a perfect neutral posture, such as a lack of mobility in the thoracic spine, shoulder, and hip, alongside a lack of Glute strength and pelvic stability.

Here are some videos demonstrating the key exercises and postures you will begin to learn on the course. 


Here is some of the feedback from people who have attended the ABC workshop:

Great instruction & approach. Many thanks”

“Very informative, excellent workshop”

“All very enjoyable & learnt a lot. Definitely made me think about adding Pilates to my exercise plan”

“Mandy – thank you! Very helpful, very informative”

“Brilliant – Thank you

Written by Mandy

I have worked in the Health and Fitness Industry since the age of 18, teaching Dance and Exercise, and working as a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer. Alongside this career, I am a classically trained Dancer and I danced professionally worldwide for 10 years.  

I currently teach Pilates and Dance in group classes and on a one to one basis. My clients range in age from mid-20s to 81 and most have been with me for years - a testament to my teaching ability and their commitment to me.

I am passionate about teaching “functional” Pilates and movement for everyday. I aim to improve my clients’ posture, increase body awareness, realign the body by strengthening the weak muscles, and improve flexibility in the tight areas, thereby enabling each client to live their life to the fullest - whether they are a professional footballer or a retiree who loves to play golf twice a week and cycle (this is my 81 year old client!).

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