Back Pain Ruling Your Life?
by Graham


Back pain ruling your life?

We know back pain impacts all aspects of your life, even putting on your socks can be mission impossible.

Are you finding back pain dictates what you can and can’t do during the day? This gets you down but also what affect do you think it’s having on your backs flexibility, strength and mobility?

We also know that back pain is stubborn and often takes many months to ease and serious disease or pathology that requires further medical input is rare. Unsure of what exercises are safe for back pain?

Many people advocate the best way forward for exercising with back pain. “Swimming is best”, “keep your back straight” or “don’t jar your discs with running” are common quotes we hear all the time. The scientific research and experts best opinion actually provides very little support for specific or different types of exercise.

We genuinely don’t know if any types of exercise are better than others. However, we do know your back is safe stable and strong and exercise is highly unlikely to cause harm or damage.

The back-rehab class is a unique opportunity to exercise with a physiotherapist and improve your back fitness and give you the confidence to do the things you want to.

The back rehab class is a free introductory 6 week programme for anybody that has long standing back pain and wants to start exercising safely. Classes start on Thursday 18th May at 10:30am. If you are interested, please email; or call 01202 914848. Myself or one of the other Physiotherapists will give you a call to discuss the classes and ensure it is suitable and applicable for you.

I Look forward to exercising with you soon


Written by Graham

I am a state registered, chartered physiotherapist, with over 10 years’ experience. I have treated a wide range of people and problems from a muscle sprain on the sports field, to long term back pain in the NHS.

I believe that every injury and pain problem is unique and multi-faceted. I have the knowledge, skills and experience to not only improve your current problem but address why it happened and rehabilitation to prevent re-occurrence.

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