Urban's Party and Fundraiser
by Floyd

Urban Health and Fitness has been open for four years this month. A wonderful community of friendly individuals from 17 years old to 93 years young (I double checked - hope I'm still going to the gym when I'm that age!)

Needless to say a huge success and with the opening of another Urban Health and Fitness in Boscombe just around the corner a party was due.

A quick discussion and it was agreed the fourth year anniversary party could double up as a fundraiser, with the Dorset Childrens Foundation (https://thedcf.org/) the perfect recipient to our charitable donation.

"Big enough to make a difference, small enough to care."

A great slogan and a true statement. The overheads and admin of this charity are all covered by three charity shops so every penny donated goes directly to the children. A number of appeals are currently shown on their website  but we will be donating all proceeds to Kitty.

Kitty has two rare genetic conditions, Kabuki syndrome leading to muscle weakness and Ehlers Danlos syndrome leading to connective tissue disorders. Despite this Kitty is a very happy, excitable 9 year old girl and a keen ballerina.

Kitty has been doing ballet for 3 years at First Position school of dance at First Position school of dance, due to her conditions it's difficult for her but her enthusiasm and obvious admiration of her teacher Natalie shines through and she takes part in the class to the best of her ability.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kitty to take part in a ballet class and when partnered together she quickly and confidently told me what I was supposed to be doing (I'm not built for ballet.) She is inspirational in her discipline, paying complete attention and trying everything being taught, more than once. Someone with many reasons to say "no" saying "yes" and just exercising for the fun of it.

Urban Health and Fitness is a local gym encouraging so many people to push for a goal - motivation based on a finish line. A new number on the scales, a new personal best in an event! - More importantly though Urban is a community gym remembering that sometimes the goal is just to have fun, to enjoy exercise at any age, to stay fit together!

We are fundraising for Kitty's wheel chair appeal, aiming to raise £1500 for specialist equipment allowing Kitty to join in with other children on the playground and just generally get about easier causing mischief.

If you can help with any donation big or small it's greatly appreciated.

We are also looking for a few more raffle prizes so please get in touch if would like to donate anything like that.

Written by Floyd

I’m the loud hyper one but don’t let that put you off, ask any of the people I train, I’m here to help! I started as a personal trainer in 2009 and then at Urban when it first opened.

I’ve worked and trained at a lot of different gyms now and really like the smaller community that has been built here.

Helping someone change their lifestyle for the better I’ve found training in the gym is just the tip of the iceberg. So I can give the most benefits my professional development includes courses on nutrition, mind set and sports therapy.

I love seeing the changes in my clients confidence when they start to feel stronger by training in a fun and challenging way.

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