Learn to do a handstand in just 2.5 hours
by Manny

Urban starts the year off with a workshop aimed at providing people with fun, enjoyable and edicating way to challenge their body. We challenge people to learn how to handstand in just 2.5hrs. 

Our expert trainer with use a blend of yoga, bodyweight calisthenics and gymnastic based movements to help you achieve this goal. He will focus on using the correct techniques, alignment and most of all building confidence in your hands to enable beginners and seasoned inversion addicts to improve their practice. All experience is welcome, but it is recommended you can hold a plank for at least 30 seconds." 

About the teacher

David has always had a passion for fitness and movement from a young age. Joining the Royal Marines aged 18, David pushed his body and mind to new limits, discovering how influential the mind was over the capabilities of the physical body. After gaining his Green Beret he continued to serve for over four years based around the world before seeing active service in Afghanistan during 2007/8.

Upon leaving the Marines David pursued a new career as a Firefighter, using his spare time to further his knowledge, gaining qualifications as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. David has specialized in bodyweight movement through Calisthenics and Gymnastic based fitness resulting in the introduction of Yoga asana to compliment free movement in 2012. As a keen martial artist he has spent the past seven years studying Filipino Kyusho under Grand Master Angelo Baldissone, earning his black belt in 2014. Through regular one to one training David has seen the importance of a mind to body connection and continues to progress – practicing diligently 6-7 days a week. All these disciplines help to compliment David’s understanding of movement and drive his enthusiasm to constantly learn more about the mind and body.

This desire led him to Samahita to continue his development in Asana as a Yoga Teacher where he was introduced to Pranayama with Paul Dallaghan. David returned home to the UK to continue to instruct a number of workshops, training one-to-one clients in Yoga and Functional Fitness and maintaining a regular Pranayama and Yoga practice, whilst working as a Full time Firefighter and training with a number of highly respected hand-balancers and Yogis.
David spent 2015/16 working as a full time Yoga Instructor and a Fitness Manager in Thailand at Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui learning off of some highly respected teachers, before returning to the UK this year to continue teaching others on the South coast of England.

David is keen to bring out the best in people sharing his enthusiasm for life, movement, fitness, martial arts and yoga in all classes.

Social media links:

Instagram - davetilstonyoga

Facebook - davetilstonyoga

Website - www.yogaandcalisthenics.com


The handstand, inversion and balance workshop is on Saturday 28th Jan 2017 at Urban Health & Fitness from 1.00pm to 3.30pm.

Members and none members welcomed. Only £25 for the workshop.

To book your place, please contact us on register@urbanhealthfitness.com or call 01202 914848. Please book early as spaces are limited.


Written by Manny

It started with a passion for fitness!

At the age of 17, Manny qualified as a fitness instructor and worked in a large multinational health club. Eager to learn about this industry he went on to university obtaining degrees in physiology and sports science from Leeds University, a YMCA personal training qualification and a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from Robert Gordon’s University, qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2005.

The next four years he was a rotational physiotherapist at Royal Salford Foundation Trust, implementing his skills in a variety of settings and departments with the hospital. Promoted into more specialist role Manny soon moved to Derby City PCT and worked with local GPs to manage people’s musculoskeletal pains.

He then progressed to working with the military and obtained the team lead role at Bovington Camp in Wareham. Whilst running a busy and complex department he obtaining more specialist qualifications in orthopaedic medicine, injection therapy and acupuncture. Manny observed very high standards of physiotherapy and rehabilitation within the military and wanted to transfer these services to everyday people.  So 2012 Urban Health & Fitness was created by Manny with the sole aim of doing this. 

Manny now specialises in treating people with complex back pain and particularly people suffering with pain after back surgery. He actively engages with people, organisations and companies to reduce the incidence of back pain for the long term. He aims to ensure that all organisations no matter how big or small can prevent their staff from the epidemic that is spreading.  

Manny also advises and sits on two boards for a medium sized social enterprise company in Hampshire who deliver a range of care, dental, well-being and transport services throughout the south of England.  He is also on executive team member for the Christchurch Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

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