Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    We would be sad to hear you want to leave. If you membership period has expired we require 30 days notice in writing. This can be done via email: or in person by completing a leavers form.
    You will receive confirmation that your membership cancellation request has been actioned via an email back to you.

  • How is payment made?

    We do not make direct debit or standing order payments but membership fees are collected via debit or credit card transactions. Payment are made monthly based on the date the membership starts unless you have paid for an annual membership.

  • What is the minimum age of using the club?

    Our minimum age for joining and using the club is 17. 

  • Do you offer a free fitness programme when I join?

    Yes absolutely, as part of our service to ensure you achieve your goals our trainers will provide a free programme designed for you. This can be reviewed at any time and as frequently as you like. 

  • Do you have lockers and showers?

    Yes, we have power showers in each of the male and female changing rooms. We also have lockers that do not require a coin to lock the door. 

  • Do you have a crèche/ Sauna/Steam or Pool?

    Unfortunately not.  We have utilised the space to provide as much equipment and exercise space as we could.

  • How do i join up?

    To join up you need to come into the club. Joining takes roughly 10 minutes to complete. You will need your bank card details and proof of address when joining 

    You can speed up the process and register your details on line. Click here for more information.   

  • How long in advance can i book my classes?

    Members have the ability to book up to 2 weeks in advance. If the class is fully booked, the system will ask you to call the club to be put onto a waiting list.

  • Can I use the gym or come to a class without being a member?

    Yes, our pay as you go rate is £8 per session. This includes any classes that are available as well as using the gym.

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