Annika Moreira Gunduz

Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

A bit about Annika Moreira Gunduz

Four years ago I decided, I no longer wanted to sit 9-10 hours a day at a desk. I worked almost a decade in various office based job, I decided enough is enough and changed my career path by studying to be a Personal Trainer. I always enjoyed being active and was involved in a wide range of sport.

I have a lot of enthusiasm to help others achieve their long term health goals. I have played many team sports from Netball, Hockey to rowing; I enjoy trying new sports and two years ago religiously did hot yoga for 3 months straight. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, so that I can learn from them as well as pass my knowledge on. I strive under pressure and love a challenge, especial when others have doubted me. I believe that if you work at 100% and know you have done your best; you cannot be disappointed with the results.

My specialist areas include weight loss, nutrition (meal plans), intensive interval training, spinning and toning.

For me, being happy and healthy is the key to a well-balanced life.


TriggerPoint Level 1 Foam Rolling

Indoor Cycling with Discovery

Red Cross First Aid at Work

Level 3 Personal Trainer with Active IQ

Level 2 Fitness Instructor with Active IQ

Favourite Quote
“And though she be but little, she is fierce” -Shakespeare

I play Center for a League Netball team called the Patrick’s 2s

Cooking and inventing clean new recipes, such as sweet potato pancakes

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