Helping you get out of pain

Pain can affect your day to day life and impact your health and happiness. Getting the right advice, guidance and treatment is essential for your recovery and long-term health. Here at Urban, our team of Physiotherapists are highly skilled in delivering some of the best Physiotherapy and rehab in the local area.  As recognised medical professionals, we adhere to high standards of treatment and care.  We also take a team approach to your problem working with our trainers and in our facilities to help you manage and maintain pain free healthy living. 





Specialists in musculoskeletal pains to include:

Muscle and Joint Pains

Sports Injuries 

Pre and post operative joint and soft tissue surgery 

Lower back and Neck Pains 

Tendon pains 

Biomechanical dysfunctions 







Treatments we use

Manual therapy 

Electrotherapy i.e. ultrasound 

Exercise therapy & specific exercise prescription


Soft Tissue Therapy 

Advice and exercise/training progressions and modifications 





Physiotherapy Prices (non members) 

Physiotherapy Assessment: £55

Physiotherapy Follow On Treatment: £44

Members Price: 10/15/20% discounts available depending on membership tiers. 



Senior Physiotherapist Prices (non members)

Physiotherapy Assessment: £60

Physiotherapy Treatment: £50

Members Price: 10/15/20% membership discounts available depending on your membership tier



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Since opening in 2014 we have been treating, managing and improving the lives of hundreds of people. Getting them out of pain, improving function and giving them the ability to enjoy the activities they want to do in their lives. 

 "I obtained the injury through compacting my back whilst using a space hopper, this combined with lifting kayaks and other outdoor equipment led to severe pain in my lower back. Initially, I was having treatment with a local chiropractic clinic but after a good number of sessions, including an emergency session there was very little improvement to the pain. After seeing the pain I was in, a friend recommended Manny at Urban. Manny diagnosed the injury as a bulging disk and started treatment straight away. Within a matter of days, the pain had drastically decreased and my posture had greatly improved. Over the course of the next two weeks, I saw Manny a number of times, after each session there was a vast improvement. Manny arranged for a subsequent rehabilitation gym session with Ben, who developed a set of stretches and exercises to assist further in the recovery.  The pain has all but gone away, however should the problem return or I occur further injury, I would not hesitate to book back in with Manny."
- Andy K, Southbourne 

 "After various visits to my GP with severe pain in my back and leg, and not getting any better, I decided to visit Urban Fitness Gym in Christchurch to see if they could help me. After one examination by Manoj he discovered he could help me. I was given physio treatment, and even the next day I felt improvement. After a couple more treatments I was able to walk without pain. I would thoroughly recommend Urban Fitness Gym to anyone who has problems with their limbs."
- Patricia Nicolls, Poole

 "I was having a great deal of pain in my right shoulder/ scapula area for nearly a year, I had already seen two physiotherapists on the NHS and nothing seemed to be helping. I also recently had a knee operation which prevented me from doing a lot of activities. Every day activities from driving to sitting at a desk had become very painful and difficult, I was taking pain killers irregularly and stretching often but with little result. The Physios at Urban gave me a thorough examination of my whole body and number of strange exercises which proved very helpful. As for my knee he made a very good recommendation of a knee brace i could use and set up a meeting with the area rep with no extra charge. First class, My sessions where not rushed at all and all my questions where handled seriously, even outside of the clinic when I was just using the gym I could still freely go up and ask questions or ask for advice on the exercises I had been given. I would definitely recommend the Physiotherapy services at Urban."
- Andrew, Christchurch.