To ensure safety is our priority, our facilities will have some changes to how we run. It is vital that all members adhere to the changes implemented to reduce the risk of infection.  We have Introduced the following:


  • Workout zones in our studios to reduce unnecessary movement and maintain social distancing. 
  • Limited our bookings of people able to attend exercise classes. 
  • Introduced gaps between classes to reduce congestion and help staff clean studios
  • Limited the number of people who can attend at any one time in the gyms to ensure we adhere to social distancing rules. 
  • Asking staff and members to respect social distancing at all times. 
  • Introduced plastic screens to our reception desks. 
  • Located hand sanitisers at the front of the clubs to use on entry. 
  • Using signage and floor markings to help guide and improve awareness. 
  • Altered entry and exit points where necessary to help the flow of people. 


  • We have introduced an enhanced cleaning schedule for our cleaners and trainers to ensure that all areas of the facilities are cleaned frequently throughout the day. 
  • Touch points such as phones, keyboards are cleaned after every staff member has used them. 
  • We have introduced hand sanitising stations at the front of our facilities for all members to use on entry and throughout their workouts. 
  • We have introduced gaps between our classes to ensure staff clean down the studios after use. 
  • We are requesting members bring their own mats, filled water bottles and towels.  


  • The team will be washing their hands before their shift, after completing cleaning tasks and frequently throughout shifts.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided for to team members should they feel the need to wear them.
  • Our staff and external trainers will also be adhering to the social distancing rules. 
  • All our staff have had training about new polices and procedures in place along and staying alert. 



  • Please arrive on time as clients sessions will be staggered to ensure that people are not booked in straight after another client. This will allow us time to clean down the equipment and plinths.
  • For all bookings we will screen clients via telephone consultation to ensure they are not at high risk.
  • Virtual consultations are available should any clients wish. 
  • Please follow measures in place set out in the facilities.  We are following guidelines from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and all therapists will continue to wear a face mask.
  • Please cancel and inform us if you develop or suspect you are developing symptoms related to Covid. 
  • If you would like to arrange or book in for your Physio/Chiropractic appointment please email: 


  • Sessions can be booked with your trainer or at reception. 
  • You can request a time if available to conduct your session outdoors, 1:1 in a studio outside of class times or virtually.
  • We request that sessions will adhere to strict cleaning and social distancing rules. 
  • If you are interested in personal training or rehabilitation services please email:


  • Our 7 day trial campaign will be suspended temporarily to allow our members to return back safely and effectively.
  • We will still offer pay as you go sessions. However, these must be bought in advance and allocated to a specific gym or class slot. Members will continue to have priority booking classes on our website and APP service. 
  • New membership sign ups. Keen to join up? We would love to see you join the Urban fitness Community. We request that anybody interested in a tour or signing up for membership to come between 12:00-16:00 Monday to Friday when we are least busy or book an appointment so that we can ensure a staff member is able to help you. 
  • We are launching a range of outdoor fitness classes and running programmes.  This is free to our members however, non members can pay to join in. Please keep an eye on our social media channels for more information. 
  • We launch a range of FREE You Tube Live classes which will be to watch. Please subscribe HERE to our channel to find out more. 


Please do not come into the club if you are feeling unwell

Let us know if you or anyone in your household develop Covid-19 symptoms.

Do not remove cleaning materials/hand sanitiser from the Club.

Please hand sanitise on entry and exit of the club. Wash hands frequently. 

Maintain social distancing rules

Wipe down and store away equipment after use 

Please observe all notice signs, respect others around you and do your part to reduce the risk for others. 

June 2020
Covid-19 Risk Assessment 
Urban Health & Fitnessn Gyms

The following document was created in preparedness for return to work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

UK government and Public Health England ordered the closure of leisure facilities including fitness clubs / gyms and clinics on March 20th, 2020.  Information has been gathered from the GOV.UK web-site and the industry governing body organisations:
1. UK Active 2. CIMSPA - Chartered Institute of Sport & Physical Activity 3. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. 


1.1  Viral Infection  
Who:  Staff
Risk Controls in Place:  Training for all facility staff based on this document
Level:  Low
Measures: S igned copy of this risk assessment obtained after training session attached to personnel record.

1.2.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Staff
Risk Control:  Split employees into teams to only work at one site
Level:  Low
Further info:  Reduce risk of cross-site infection

1.3.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff.
Risk:  Any person who shows any sign of Covid-19 must be excluded from the premises and to be instructed to followcurrent GOV.UK guidelines
Measures:  Includes - All members, guests and patients as well as staff, external instructors and tradespersons / suppliers

1.4.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Staff
Risk:  Encourage all staff to use the government track & trace program
Level:  Low
Measures:  Optional

1.5.  Viral Infection 
Who Clients and staff
Risk:  Adequate instructional signage
Level: Low 
Measures : Social distancing / Please wash your hands / Use hand sanitiser now / Please wipe down all equipment

1.6.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff
Risk:  Floor markings to encourage social distancing
Level:  Low

1.7.  Viral Infection 
Who Clients and staff
Risk: Hand sanitiser station at reception
Level: Low

1.8.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff
Risk:  Replaceable Polythene wrapping on cardio stations control units
Level Low
Measures:  To be changed once per day or when deemed necessary by team members.

1.9.  Viral Infection 
Who Clients and staff
Risk:  Antibacterial hand spray bottles
Level:  Low
Measures:  Replenished at frequent intervals

1.10.  Viral Infection 
Who: Clients and staff
Risk:  Paper towel dispensers in all areas
Measures:  Low

1.11.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff
Risk:  Anti-bacterial wipes available gym / reception and main-studio
Measures Low

1.12.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Staff
Risks:  Reception keyboards / telephone
Level: Low
Measures: C leaned with anti-bacterial wipe after each individual use.

1.13.  Viral Infection 
Who:Clients and staff
Risks:  Water drinking points closed
Level:  Low
Measures Direction to bring own filled bottles

1.14.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff
Risks:  Perspex barrier at reception
Level:  Low

1.15.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff
Risks Equipment spacing maximised
Level:  Low

1.16:  Viral Infection 
Who: Clients and staff
Risks:  Closure of locker rooms for showering t o decrease time spent in locker room 
Level: Low
Measures: Shower cubicles to be single change spaces / People to have bags with them in the club. 

1.17.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff
Risks Sweat absorbing mats - Yoga & Exercise mats withdrawn
Level Low
Measures:  Clients encouraged to bring their own / sell matts 

1.18.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff
Risk: Social distance in class settings. 
Level:  Low
Measures: Max. limited persons + 1 instructor in Main Studio (XX sq.metres). Windows and doors to opened where possible. Outdoor spaces to be used where possible. 

1.19.  Viral Infection 
Who :  Clients and staff
Risk: Time between transition of people between studios. 
Level: low
Measures: 10- 15 minute cleaning and room airing breaks between classes

1.20.  Viral Infection 
Who: Clients and staff 
Risk: Personal training space allocation from main gym area. 
Level: Low
Measures: Where possible 1:1 training available in separate studio spaces

1.21. Viral Infection 
Who Clients and staff
Risk:  Conflict training - how to resolve issues arising between members and or members / staff over non-compliance with guidelines
Level: Low 
Measures : Incident log or diarised in handover book

1.22.  Viral Infection 
Who Clients and staff
Risk Adequate supplies of cleaning materials and PPE in stock
Level Low

1.23.  Viral Infection 
Who Clients and staff
Risk:  Request members arrive changing and do not arrive early for classes to reduce congestion in changing rooms
Level Low

1.24.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff
Risk Stairwell / Corridors signage
Level:  Low
Measures: Please allow others to pass/ one way systems for flow of people. Utilising rear exit stair case. 

1.25.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff
Risk:  Equipment usage kept to a minimum & cleaned after use
Level:  Low
Measures:  Personal Trainers responsible for cleaning ALL equipment used during sessions

1.26.  Viral Infection 
Who:  Clients and staff
Risk:  Assessing the need to train clients who are:
Level: Low/ Medium
a.  Trainers/instructors must discuss with clients current medical and past medical history to determine if the are NOT suitable to be exposed to 1:1 PT.
b.  1. Over the age of 70 years old
c. A ll discussion must be documented in your work documents or agreements with the clients.
d.  Underlying medical conditions such as diabetes.
e.  Previous medical histories such as cancer.
f. L ow immune system due to health, HIV/AIDs/Cancers
g. H as recently come out of self isolation.