Abi Boyce

Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

I've recently made a career change from a Call Centre Team Manager to pursuing my fitness passion!

From a young age, I always enjoyed sport, and spinning classes is one of my favourites and I'm looking forward to teaching this, along with other classes at Urban.

Whilst training for my Level 2 Gym Instructing & Level 3 Personal Training course as well as dealing with the demands of being a parent to two daughters I found new levels of determination and focus. I believe that nothing is impossible in life and I bring this to my personal training and help clients achieve their fitness goals.

I believe that making time for fitness improves the mind and wellbeing.

For my own self-esteem, I like to attend the gym 4 times per week varying my workouts to lower, upper body & full body, with a spinning class on the side!


  • L2 Fitness Instructor,
  • L3 Personal Trainer
  • Group Exercise Teaching
  • Wellness consultations