Angie - Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

I have been in the fitness industry for 8 years. I love exploring all forms of training and enjoy teaching clients and members new and wild things. I believe functionality is key; being able to move efficiently and to keep the body well maintained for day-to-day activities. My specialty is functional training. I work with Olympic weights, kettlebells, body weight, conditioning, and mobility. Training is important and it’s even more important to have fun with it. As a PT I am here to help members and clients enjoy their training, learn new skills, and stay functional.

I have always been active, starting with gymnastics at a young age. I enjoy all forms of climbing and outdoor adventure, and over the last few years I have also integrated cross-fit and animal flow into my training regime. ‘Exercise and movement are about so much more than just weight loss’.

Qualifications - Indoor Cycling, Circuits, Kettlebells, Body Pump - L2 Fitness Instructor - L3 Personal Training and Movement Coach - L3 Pre and Post Natal Trained

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