Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer

My name is Gonzalo Rubio, I am an advanced Personal trainer L4 of physical activities. I have 5 years of experience in different places and countries training different groups of people with my methodology, which consist of making the clients understand the benefits of the sport for mental health and principally, for their own happiness!

Whatever your reason, a new healthy life, loss weight or simply start making some sport, motivate you to be your best, I am here to support you every step of the way. Together we can do it!!! Together we can fight for your objectives!!!

Special Interests

Physical Conditioning | Injury prevention | Mental healthy support | Fitness test and review | Nutritional support | Functional Training | Weight loss and Toning | People motivator | HIIT instructor | TRX instructor | Kettlebell instructor


EREPS LEVEL 4 (European Register of Exercise Professional) | Advanced Expert in Animation of Physical and sports activities | Personal Trainer (Madrid Spanish federation of Fitness) | Leisure Instructor | Lifeguard | First Aid Certificate

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