Kaaren- Zumba teacher

Ever since I was a small child, I have always loved all things to do with dance. To me, it was magical to watch the extraordinary things people could achieve with their bodies, interpreting music and telling stories through the dance, and, to learn and understand the cultural and historical backgrounds to the multitude of different genres.

Dance, whether as a spectator or as a participant, was always the place I escaped to, particularly when life proved tough. Throughout my 25 year career in fashion and the performing arts industries, I always found time to dance in some form or another. Zumba exploded onto to London fitness scene in 2010 and it was everything I had been waiting for - a fitness routine based on a fusion of Latin American and African dance rhythms. Best of all, it was all about having fun whilst keeping fit. People were always smiling and the buzz in the class was simply amazing. I was hooked. However, It wasn’t until 2018, that I, finally, came to a crossroads in my life and I had the chance to train as an instructor, together with achieving my level 2 gym instructor qualification.

In addition to the obvious health benefits of keeping fit through Zumba, what I find really rewarding, is to witness the growth in confidence in my students. They walk a little taller, start to find their inner sass, own their space, and realise that yes, everyone has the ability to dance - they just need to trust themselves, be brave, and take their 1st step into my Zumba class. I promise you, you will leave it smiling.