Menopause Wellness Programme

Menopause Wellness Programme

Exclusive to Urban

Our Urban Menopause wellness program helps women transition easier through this period of life to improve their physical and mental health.

We provide a holistic approach to our program to include:

  • MENO MOT - women's health physiotherapy check
  • MENO EAT - nutritional support
  • MENO WELLNESS- exercise and fitness advice and guidance
  • MENO STRONG- specific strength-based program
  • MENO CONNECT - advice and signposting solutions.


Menopause Wellness Session

The Meno-Wellness is your first introduction to Urban and the program. This is an opportunity to gain support and guidance from our team and to get on track for the next six weeks.

Meno-wellness to include:

  • Review of Quality of Meno-Wellness questionnaire
  • Review of food diary & introduction of 5-point nutrition plan
  • Introduction of Activity Plan and Progress Booklet

Meno MOT

The menopause-mot involves specialist screening and monitoring of common symptoms of menopause including body aches and sleep disruption as well as developing tailored programs to meet individual needs.

This unique program ran by our Women's Health Physio Team forms one of the key elements of our whole Urban menopause program, providing reassurance and support for women transitioning through the menopause and peri-menopause periods of their lives.

Meno Strong

Following on from the meno-wellness, this one-to-one fitness session with a Personal Trainer is designed to build confidence, knowledge, technique, and a routine of midlife strength, balance, and cognitive skills.


The meno movement is a one-to-one Pilates, yoga or mobility/stretch session.
The aim of the session is to help you move easier with personalised exercises to help address any postural, muscle, joint, or core strength issues.

MENO Nutrition

What is Meno Nutrition?

This is an additional paid service with the opportunity to obtain a full nutrition analysis & report/weight management program with our in-house Nutrition Advisor.

MENO Connect

Connect with like-minded women and ‘stay fit together’!

Join the Urban Menopause Facebook group for discussion on exercise, swapping recipes and tips, making connections, and learning from the menopause experience of others.

The Meno Wellness Programme also includes

  • 8 weeks of membership use (SUPER Membership) at Urban.
  • Unlimited gym sessions and access to a range of classes and services.
  • 10% off any additional services bought.

The MENO Wellness program is planned to start Mid October 2022.

If you would like to know more information or register your interest please email