Looking for a corporate membership?

Looking for a corporate membership?

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Employee and workplace burnout is on the rise! Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) acknowledge that workers who feel general dissatisfaction with their work and multiple levels of exhaustion can cause a variety of physical, mental and emotional health problems.

High levels of sickness, demotivation and stress are common driving factors as to why staff leave a company.

A large body of evidence shows that employers who support their staff through workplace wellness programs create high-performing teams that are happy, motivated and feel fulfilled in their roles.

Equally, this has shown to manifest to higher levels of productive work and improved staff engagement which leading to improved company culture, a reduction in employee turnover and longer term savings for a company.

Even though 80% of employers claim to support their teams’ physical and emotional health, only 46% of employees feel supported.

Here are a few ideas and ways to help your staff:

1. Physical Health Design fun and enjoyable challenges to foster healthy competition within your workspace. This could range from couch to 5K programs, easy team movement based challenges such as step count achievement or the number of stairs climbed!

2. Mental Health Employees manage stress and anxiety in different ways, but activities such as coaching mindfulness, yoga and meditation can all significantly help manage this area. Consider offering access to coaches and teachers for your staff and running these activities if possible on-site.

3. Emotional Health Coaching is a fantastic way to help employees manage many elements of life. It’s natural for an employee to bring domestic and social issues into the work setting. Access to coaching (face to face or remotely) can help expand a person's capabilities to grow, not just as part of your team, but as an individual.

4. Social Connection Volunteer days, charity events or helping out with local causes are ways to help employees tap into their personal meaning and to step outside of their comfort zone.

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