30 - Point Bone & Muscle Screening

Body MOT Health Check

30 - Point Bone & Muscle Screening

Identify & Prevent Injuries Early

The 30 point body check includes

Lifestyle screening + Blood pressure check + Bone & joints check + Muscle/ strength testing + Balance and core testing + Flexibility scoring + Goal setting & intervention planning

30 point health & musculoskeletal checklist to include

  • Lifestyle screening   
  • Blood pressure check   
  • Bone & joints check   
  • Muscle - strength testing   
  • Balance and core testing   
  • Flexibility scoring   
  • Goal setting & intervention planning   
  • Follow up telephone consultation
Identify & Prevent Injuries Early

How your screening can reduce injuries

Identify & Prevent Injuries Early

The Urban BODY MOT HEALTH CHECK is designed just like your car MOT.

We don't over complicate it with using fancy machines or equipment but instead we utilise the knowledge and skills of our therapists to help identify areas in your body that can lead to possible injuries, pains or dysfunctions. We address issues such as joint movement and mobility, flexibility, muscle strength, core stability and a blood pressure check.

Addressing musculoskeletal issues before they become a problem can have a significant impact on your long term health! It helps you to identify and focus on what is important now, empowering you to take control of your own long term physical health and wellbeing.

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Body MOT Health Check

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