Recover Faster & Stronger With The Urban Rehab Team

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Recover Faster & Stronger With The Urban Rehab Team

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We have been supporting thousands of local residents get back from injury, surgery and illnesses since 2014.

Our rehab plans help provide you with the confidence, support and guidance to live a healthier, pain free and more enjoyable life.

Rehabilitation is the process of managing your recovery from an accident, illness, injury or surgery. Our aim is to restore or maximise your physical and mental health, enabling you to return to your normal lifestyle and activities.

  • Pre and Post Surgery Rehab.
  • Sports Injuries & return to sports.
  • Falls and older adult rehab.
  • Long Standing (chronic) issues that can arise from conditions such as osteoarthritis, general deconditioning, neurological conditions.

Rehab Plan

Getting Started. Our therapists undertake a detailed assessment before designing your rehab plan tailored around the goals you want to achieve.

  • Detailed assessment of your current medical and physical history.
  • Assessment of your movements to include posture, functional movement, muscle testing, balance and coordination.
  • Discuss what hands on treatment will benefit your current situation and create a week by week plan of the exercises you need to complete.
  • During your rehab, you will have complimentary access to the gym to complete your rehab.

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