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Urban offer a pioneering Cerebral Palsy Clinic for children and teenagers 10 – 18 years of age. We particularly focus on delivering physiotherapy and rehabilitation for individuals with a gross motor function scale of 1-3.

We assess and manage on going symptoms associated with cerebral palsy to help:

  • Engage children with physical difficulties by Improving cardiovascular fitness and strength to help children achieve functional goals.
  • To show children different ways they can complete their therapy programmes independently through exercise, strength and conditioning.
  • Helping children to focus on maintaining muscle length, lower limb strengthening, balance and coordination.
  • Assess and maintain posture, strengthening to avoid scoliosis which is common observed in this age group.
  • To help them increase participation in school sports.
  • To empower children & adolescence to take responsibility for their own condition and independently complete their exercises as they transition to adulthood.
  • Help with ongoing education regarding conditions and how to self-manage.
  • Offer a safe & supporting facility that supports ongoing development.

Toby Paediatric Physiotherapist

Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist Toby currently works for the Bournemouth NHS Paediatric Physiotherapy Service.

He blends his specialist paediatric knowledge with his extensive experience in the field of MSK, sports injuries and rehabilitation.

We are recognised providers with all major health insurers

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