• Struggling with pain?

    Our specialist therapists are here to help

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  • Struggling with pain?

    Our specialist therapists are here to help

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  • Here to help you get out of pain

    Our specialist therapists are here to help

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Pain can affect your day-to-day life and impact your health and happiness. Getting the right advice, guidance and treatment is essential to your recovery and long-term health.

Here at Urban, our team of Physiotherapists are highly skilled at delivering some of the best physiotherapy and rehab. As recognised medical professionals, we adhere to high standards of treatment and care. With our holistic and team approach to your problem we focus on helping you manage and achieve a PAIN FREE & healthy lifestyle.

Treatments we use

enter image description here Manual therapy

enter image description here Electrotherapy i.e. ultrasound

enter image description here Exercise therapy & specific exercise prescription

enter image description here Acupuncture

enter image description here Soft Tissue Therapy

enter image description here Advice and exercise/training progressions and modifications

During Treatment, clients have free access to the gym to complete any exercise programmes as outlined by the physio.

We are recognised providers with all major health insurers

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Our Clinical Therapists

Our Team of therapists and trainers take a holistic approach to your care. We work as a team to ensure we share best knowledge, practices and utilise each others unique skills to provide you with the best service we can.

Meet The Team

Physiotherapy Fees

Our clinics are open to members and non-members. Find out more about the list of our full services

Services & Pricing

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S&C improves flexibility, movement, power, speed, fitness, and helps to support injury rehabilitation.
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