Nutrition Support

Nutrition Support

at Urban Health & Fitness

Food is Fuel: How do you fuel your body?

Does your current food intake provide the vitamins and minerals needed to sustain function and energy? Could you make changes to your diet to provide a more balanced nutritional lifestyle?

Our Nutrition Advisers can help by analysing your food diary, highlighting key areas that you might be deficient in, and why discussing mindset on habit change and supporting weight management. We can discuss lifestyle changes, food choices and keep you on track with your goals.

First Consultation

Prior to this meeting you will be invited to complete a 3-day food diary and lifestyle questionnaire. We can then guide you through a detailed breakdown of your dietary intake and recommend changes to your diet and lifestyle that work for you. You will get access to tracking apps and personal online guidance.

Follow on Sessions

Our Nutrition Advisers will guide and motivate you to continue your healthy relationship with food and free you from the “diet” mindset.

  • Regular discussion and accountability will support the positive changes you are making.
  • We can discuss food management (planning, shopping, preparing), recipes, meal and snack ideas and how to manage a new eating routine in your lifestyle.

Initial Consultation £55 Includes full macro/micro analysis.

Follow on consultations: £44.

Urban members will benefit from discounts based on their membership tier

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Recipe Cards

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Recipe Cards