The Urban Story

Urban’s founder, Manny Patel, became a fitness instructor at the early age of 16 and has since developed his passion for health and fitness over the last 25 years by crafting his skills, knowledge, and understanding of how the body works and how it can be repaired. 

He drew upon his early sports science background, personal training knowledge, and physiotherapy skills to allow him to progress and explore a variety of work settings from the NHS and military.  In each area, he learned the unique ways they each operated and continued to improve his skills based on the types of people and environments he worked in.

In 2006, Manny’s life was thrown upside down by a call from abroad after hearing that his father had been admitted to a hospital following a severe and life-threatening Stroke.  This event changed Manny’s world forever.  He spent the next year in a foreign country rehabilitating his father back out of intensive care himself and eventually brought him back home to care for him.  He then moved down to Bournemouth for a fresh start.

Frustrated by the lack of rehabilitation and therapy in the community and feeling inspired by his time working at the MOD and the amazing rehab military soldiers received, Manny was determined to create this in our local community for everyone, no matter their fitness background.

He knew that a more holistic approach of combining health, fitness, and therapy was the best way people could be truly supported and helped to achieve their long-term health goals.

In 2014, Manny left his role as a physio for the military and set up the first ever Urban Health and Fitness in Christchurch, Dorset with this vision in mind. Over the years, the gym has grown to help, support and inspire thousands of people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Both clubs now pride themselves on the personalised approach they take to their member's needs and the friendly and open communities they have created. As well as pioneering the four pillars of health for its members, Urban has worked in partnerships to create many innovative programs such as cancer rehab programs, mental health initiatives, plus being a big supporter of local and national causes.  The team reached the finals of the National Fitness Awards for best rehabilitation and best health club in 2017. 

The Urban team is passionate about evolving Urban in a way that positively impacts the hearts, minds, and souls of the people and communities it serves.

At Urban Health & Fitness our mission is to offer you a personalised and tailored approach to your health, fitness and therapy needs.

Our vision is to get you started, support you to maintain long-term health gains and inspire you to push yourself. We welcome you to be part of our community. To stay fit, healthy and to live life to the full.

Since 2014, our core values have been the foundation for everything we do

PERSON FOCUSED We work together to combine our range of fitness, wellness and therapy services to guide you to long term health gains.

INTEGRITY We take a responsible approach to our facilities, staff and services to ensure they are tailored to your needs.

ASPIRATIONAL We aspire to be the best that we can be so that you can achieve your full potential.

COMMUNITY We make you feel included and part of our community so we can inspire each other to enjoy life to the full.