Coconut: King of the Palms

Organic, extra virgin oils are great for your health, you already know this. Now Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good, but easily the best is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! Now I'm way behind with this news, in fact I've been using Coconut Oil for about 4 years after reading the fantastic book “The Coconut Oil Miracle”. The bottom line with what I'm going to write is.... You should be using Coconut Oil everyday!

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids have been shown to stimulate the metabolism, improve Thyroid function and digestion, strengthen the immune system, protect against infections, and help prevent heart disease. Boom!

Vitamins & Minerals

People suffering from B vitamin deficiencies have been helped simply by giving them coconut oil as it naturally enhances the absorption of the vitamins, calcium and magnesium already in food.

Skin Care

It is a fantastic moisturiser, but don’t tell anyone i use it for that!!

Stomach Friendly

Used medicinally in special food preparations for those who suffer digestive disorders and have difficulty digesting fats.

Heart Helper

A study in the Cook Islands, showed the people got 50% of their daily calories from saturated fat, mainly Coconut Oil, and they had a big decrease in heart problems and lived longer than expected.

Reduces Inflamation

Coconut Oil is not stored as fat by the body (as most healthy fat is not) and is instead used for fast energy by the body.

Doesn’t Denature

At high heat, all other oils do, so you end up consuming rancid oils which can break down the walls of your gut lining and causing gut issues.