Sue's Story

After a year at Urban, I wanted a new fitness goal to work towards. I signed up for the MacMillan Jurassic Coast Marathon Hike this September, because it’s a good challenge and it’s a cause I wanted to support. 26 miles along the most stunning parts of Dorset, and the steepest hills!
This distance goes beyond my usual walking/running limit, after which I would normally start to get knee, hip and back niggles due to 
a couple of old injuries. 
Since being at Urban, I found out that I can go beyond those limitations by strengthening the muscles around the joints and improving core strength, as well as just getting fitter. I’ve now got more energy and none of those little niggles at all. 
My most recent training walk for the MacMillan hike was 22 miles, including those hills. Not one niggle, not even in my shoulders from carrying a rucksack all day. Felt completely fine the next day too, just needed an extra meal! I know I couldn’t have done this so easily a year ago.
Thank you Urban! 🙏🤩