Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

With an insatiable thirst for strength training, I love to inspire other people embarking on their own fitness journey. Earlier in my life I felt dissatisfied with my own physique so embarked on my own transformative journey to build a strong body. I then went onto master the art of strength training by enrolling in specialist courses and being mentored by experienced fitness professionals.

I love to empower my clients and help them overcome physical and mental barriers to unlock their true potential with personalised training programs, tailored nutrition guidance and of course, my unwavering support!

Like a clever parent, who sneaks veggies into kid's food, I add strength, mobility, corrective exercises, combat fitness and boxing into a training block.

Being part of Urban Health & Fitness team is much more than just getting fit. It's a supportive and welcoming community where we encourage each other to do our best. I'm here to help and listen, so tell me how you feel.