5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Massage

Just like you take care of other things in your life, it is easy to assume that massage comes into the ‘unnecessary expenditure’ category. In fact the benefits of regular massage treatments, either deep tissue/sports or more superficial and relaxing holistic styles of massage can have huge benefits on a physiological and psychological level.

Massage is the use of hands or mechanical means to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. Benefits include;


Touch is known to be soothing and comforting and massage uses touch to sooth and relax the body. As 75% of disease is said to be caused by stress so it stands to reason reducing this may well help to improve health.


Systems in the body are stimulated by massage, encouraging improved circulation, aiding digestion, waste removal, invigorating muscles thus helping to prevent spasms and stiffness as well as promoting cell renewal on the skin surface.


When we knock or hurt ourselves we often use our hands to rub or touch the affected area. Massage is an extension of this natural and instinctive method of soothing aches and pains.


Most people from children to adults and even animals all can benefit from massage.


Massage is a non-threatening, non-invasive and natural therapy.

So massage should be thought of as body maintenance rather than an extravagance!