Simple Ways To Improve Your Speed

When you start training it is important to understand what you are training for and what energy systems are used.

For speed, the main energy system used is the alactic energy system. This is an anaerobic system, meaning that oxygen is not used.

Instead of oxygen, the muscles are fueled by a fuel called known best as ATP/CP. This is a readily available fuel stored in our muscles.

When training or competing using speed, efforts of are in excess of 90%. Due to this high output required, our bodies cannot sustain this maximum effort for long periods, therefore short, intense efforts are required.

Training for Foot Speed

Speed Ladder drills are a great exercise to use to speed up footwork in sports such as football, boxing, tennis, badminton, rugby plus many more that use fast footwork to gain advantage. This video shows 3 different drills to use to help speed up your feet.

Use maximal effort for 10 seconds then rest for 50 seconds.
Start out with 2 sets of 10 x 10 second intervals.
Rest for 2-3 minutes between the sets.  
Increase amount of reps and sets as you progress and improve.